Determination of Knowledge of Turkish Midwifery Students about Human Papilloma Virus Infection and its Vaccines


Human papilloma virus (HPV) is one of the most common sexually transmitted agents and its infection isthe most established cause of cervical cancer. Midwives play a key position in the implementation of cervicalcancer. This descriptive study aimed to determine the level of knowledge concerning HPV and HPV vaccinationamong 268 midwifery students. Data were collected between November 15 and 30, 2011, through a self-reportedquestionnaire. The mean age of participants was 20.75±1.60. Among all students, 44.4% had heard of HPV, while40.4% had heard of HPV vaccinatiob. The relationship between the midwifery student knowledge on HPV andHPV vaccine and their current educational year was significant (p=0.001). In conclusion midwifery studentshave moderate level of knowledge about HPV and its vaccine and relevant information should be included intheir teaching curriculum.