Lack of Influence of Pregnancy on the Prognosis of Survivors of Thyroid Cancer


Objective: The aim of this study is to investigate the influence of pregnancy on prognosis of thyroid cancer.
Methods: A total of 72 patients aged between 15-45 years who underwent total or subtotal thyroidectomy andsubsequently radioablation were followed up under suppression. Individuals who had term pregnancies afterdiagnosis of cancer (group 1, n: 36) and who were non-pregnant (group 2, n:36) were included in the study.Both groups were compared in terms of scintigraphic relapse and metastasis, ultrasonographic relapse, stagechange of lympadenopathy at the beginning and at the end of the study.
Results: Relapse was detected in 4 outof 36 pregnant patients (11.1%) and in 5 out of 36 non-pregnant patients (13.9%) with no significant differencebetween groups (p=1.00). Pathologic lymphadenopathy was detected in 2 out of 36 pregnant patients (5.6%) andin 2 out of 36 non-pregnant patients (5.6%) (p=1.00), and metastasis in 3 (8.3%) and in 1 (2.8%), respectively(p=0.61). While stage change was detected in only one pregnant patient (2.8%), and none of the non-pregnantagain there was no significant difference (p=1.00).
Conclusions: We conclude that pregnancy does not have aninfluence on prognosis of thyroid cancer.