Single Center Experience on Causes of Cancer Patients Visiting the Emergency Department in Southwest Turkey


Background: Emergency departments are visited by cancer patients for palliation of cancer-related symptoms,management of treatment-related side effects, oncologic emergencies, co-morbidities, and/or end of life care.In this study, we aimed to identify the characteristics of cancer patients admitted to an emergency medicinedepartment in Southwest Turkey. Materials and
Methods: In this retrospective descriptive study, a total of304 emergency department admissions of 102 patients with cancer due to medical conditions were evaluated.Descriptive statistical methods, statistical analysis for correlation, Student’s t-test, chi-square tests and logisticregression test were used.
Results: The majority of patients visiting to emergency departments were male (n=66,65%) and over 65 years of age (53, 52%). Some 30% (n=31) had a lung cancer diagnosis, 32% (n=33) presentationwith dyspnea, 53% (n=55) with metastasis, 30% (n=16) with multiple metastatic lesions in lung, and 68% (n=70)had a poor ECOG performance status (score 3 to 4).
Conclusions: Emergency departments have valuable rolesin managing and caring for patients with malignancies.