Risk Factors and Costs of Oral Cancer in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Delhi


The present study conducted with 100 oral cancer patients at a private tertiary care hospital inDelhidemonstrated that stage III cancer was associated with longer use of tobacco and poor oral hygiene. Therewas also statistically significant association (p<.05) between consumption of tobacco and alcohol. More than 60%treatment expenditure was on surgery followed by accommodation (9%) and investigations (8%). The effect oftobacco was well known among patients as 76% of the patients knew that common cancer in tobacco cheweris ‘oral cancer’, 22% of the patients however responded that they did not know which cancer is common intobacco chewers. 58% said that they learnt about ill effects of tobacco from media while 24% said they learntfrom family and friends. Out of 78 tobacco users, 60 (77%) said that they never received help to quit tobaccowhile 18(23%) have received help to quit.