Melanoma Incidence Mortality Rates and Clinico-Pathological Types in the Siberian Area of the Russian Federation


Russian rates for melanoma incidence and mortality are relatively low as compared to some other whitepopulations but the tumor is of increasing importance. In this paper, data are based on a retrospective descriptiveanalysis of melanoma epidemiology and clinicopathological characteristics in Krasnoyarsk Territory belongingto the Siberian Federal District of the Russian Federation. The age-adjusted incidence and mortality rates forthe period 1996-2009 were determined with subsequent retrospective analysis of clinicopathological data of 103primary melanoma cases. Our results showed that incidence and mortality rates in the region under considerationmatch the Russian national trends and correspond to epidemiological data of the countries of Eastern Europe.Stratification of melanoma cases by age, sex, clinicopathological state and localization revealed a prevalence oflesions on the trunk and lower extremities. Most melanomas diagnosed were of superficial spreading type andthe third Clark’s level of tumor invasion and stage II according to AJCC. In spite of comparatively low ratesof incidence and mortality the trend to increase of melanoma cases in the region under consideration obviouslycalls for more attention and further investigation.