Curcumin Inhibits MHCC97H Liver Cancer Cells by Activating ROS/TLR-4/Caspase Signaling Pathway


Curcumin can inhibit proliferation of liver cancer cells by inducing apoptosis, but the specific signalingpathways involved are not completely clear. Here, we report that curcumin inhibited proliferation of MHCC97Hliver cancer cells by induction of apoptosis in a concentration dependent manner via stimulating intracellularreactive oxygen species (ROS) generation. Also, we showed that increased intracellular ROS formation activatedthe TLR-4/MyD-88 signaling pathway, resulting in activation of caspase-8 and caspase-3, which eventually ledto apoptosis in MHCC97H cells. These results showed that as an prooxidant, curcumin exerts anti-cancer effectsby inducing apoptosis via the TLR-4/MyD-88 signaling pathway.