Metaplastic Breast Carcinoma: a Heterogeneous Disease


The aim of this study is to evaluate clinicopathologic characteristics and the multi-disciplinary treatment resultsof metaplastic breast cancer (MBC) patients treated in a single institute. Seventeen female patients with MBCtreated in our department between June 2000 and January 2012 were identified and retrospectively evaluated.The median age at diagnosis was 46 years (range, 26-66 years). The median tumor size at diagnosis was 3.5 cm(range 1.5-12 cm). Six (35%) patients underwent breast conservation surgery and 11 (65%) mastectomy. Axillarylymph node metastasis was found in 6 (35%) patients. Twelve (71%) had triple negative tumors. PostoperativeRT and systemic adjuvant treatment was given to all patients accordingly to stage and biological characteristics.Median follow-up time was 27 months (range, 12-151 months). At the time of this analysis, 14 (82%) patientswere alive with no evidence of disease, and 1 (6%) was alive with disease. The 3-year OS was 91% and 5-year80%, and DFS rates were 76% and 76%, respectively. Despite the young age of our patients with mostly highgrade tumors, larger tumor size and higher rates of lymph node metastasis, the survival outcomes in our studyare favorable in comparison with previously reported series.