Gastrointestinal Cancer Incidence in East Azerbaijan, Iran: Update on 5 Year Incidence and Trends


Background: A cancer registry program has been established in East Azerbaijan and this has emphasizedthe importance of cancers of gastrointestinal tract in this region. The aim of the present pathology-based cancerregistry report is to renew epidemiologic aspects of gastrointestinal tract cancers and estimate recent trends.Materials and
Methods: A survey team reviewed and collected all records of cancer cases from all referral andvalid pathology laboratories of East Azerbaijan province during September 2007-2011. Crude rates, age-specificrates of cancer incidence and annual percent change were calculated.
Results: The total newly diagnosed cancercases (n=6,889)comprised 4,341 males (63.0%) and 2,540 females (36.9%). Gastric cancer was the most common GItract cancer with an ASR (per 105) of 23.1 for males and 7.69 for females. The ASRs for esophageal and colorectalcancers were 9.69 and 11.2 in males and 7.35 and 8.93 in females. Trend analysis showed a significant declinefor esophageal cancer and increasing incidence for colorectal cancer in females.
Conclusions: The prevalenceof gastric cancer is high in East Azerbaijan province of Iran. This pathology based cancer registry showed anascending trend for colorectal cancer and decreasing trend for esophageal cancer in females during 2007-2011.