Understanding and Responsiveness Level about Cervical Cancer and its Avoidance among Young Women of Pakistan


Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality amongst the gynecological cancers worldwide, especially in developing countries. There are few to no initial symptoms and signs. This study was conducted to assess the awareness level of young Pakistani women about cervical cancer and to educate them about this deadly disease. A detailed questionnaire regarding demographic data and information about cervical cancer was distributed in different cities of Punjab. A total of 873 women took part in this survey and 70.1 percent were totally unaware of this cancer. Only 8.5% of the whole surveyed population knew accurately about cancer of cervix, 7% of the surveyed respondents correctly specified the human papilloma virus as the causative agent. Only 5.2% respondents were able to identify the Pap smear test as a diagnostic measure. Out of all the surveyed population only 4.3% of individuals were found to be vaccinated against this disease and the majority was found from the medical profession. Medical professionals, students, working women, housewives and uneducated individuals took active part in this survey. This study demonstrates a low level of awareness among Pakistani women and a need for an active campaign by media and government to increase understanding as well as introducing measures for improved prevention and treatment of cervical cancer.