Study on the Relationship Between CXCR4 Expression and Perineural Invasion in Pancreatic Cancer


Background: Recent reports have shown that C-X-C chemokine receptor 4 (CXCR4) plays an important role in metastasis. Despite a clear understanding of the protein’s structure and properties, its functional role remains elusive. We conducted the present study to evaluate the expressions of CXCR4 in pancreatic cancer, and to investigate its relationship with clinicopathological parameters, especially perineural invasion(PNI). Materials and
Methods: The association between CXCR4 expression and perineural invasion was determined by immunohistochemistry in pancreatic cancer patients (n=51).
Results: CXCR4 expression was correlated with the existence of PNI and the type of PNI (p=0.042, p=0.040). TIMP-2 expression was also correlated with the existence, the pathway and degree of PNI (p=0.000, p=0.006, p=0.000).
Conclusions: Our results suggest an association between PNI and expression of CXCR4 and TIMP-2 in pancreatic cancer. CXCR4 may promote the occurrence of PNI in pancreatic cancer cells by decreasing the inhibition of TIMPs on MMP.