Assessment of Midwifery Student Preparation for Performing the Role of Breast Cancer Educator


Purpose: Our research project aimed at presenting midwifery student self-assessment of performing therole of breast cancer prevention educator. Materials and
Methods: Investigations were carried out in 2011 atthe Medical University of Lublin in Poland, and Katolieke Hogeschool of Kortrijk in Belgium, after obtainingapproval of the ethical committee of Polish Midwives Association (III/EC/2011/PMA). The project involved atotal of 155 midwifery students, made up of 95 from Poland, and 60 from Belgium. Relations between opposingcharacteristics were tested with Chi-square (x2) test for independent traits. To assess the dependence relationbetween the examined variables Pearson’s corrected coefficient was used. Data base and statistics were carriedout with computer software STATISTICA 9.0 (StatSoftPoland).
Conclusions: Student knowledge on preventionagainst breast cancer was unsatisfactory.The students place of residence determined their self-estimation ofpersonal knowledge of breast cancer prevention and diagnosing methods to assess the incidence of the disease,this knowledge being better with the students of Lublin. Better self-estimation in the students of Lublin of theirpersonal knowledge on factors rising the risk of breast cancer, such as alimentation method, application of oralcontraceptives and breast feeding was found than in Belgian students.