Analysis of Cancer Incidence in Zhejiang Cancer Registry in China during 2000 to 2009


Objective: The Zhejiang Provincial Cancer Prevention and Control Office collected cancer registrationdata during 2000 to 2009 from 6 cancer registries in Zhejiang province of China in order to analyze the cancerincidence.
Methods: Descriptive analysis included cancer incidence stratified by sex, age and cancer site group.The proportions and cumulative rates of 10 common cancers in different groups were also calculated. Chinesepopulation census in 1982 and Segi’s population were used for calculating age-standardized incidence rates. Thelog-linear model was used for fitting to calculate the incidence trends.
Results: The 6 cancer registries in Zhejiangprovince in China covered a total of 60,087,888 person-years during 2000 to 2009 (males 30,445,904, females29,641,984). The total number of new cancer cases were 163,104 (males 92,982, females 70,122). The morphologyverified cases accounted for 69.7%, and the new cases verified only by information from death certificationaccounted for 1.23%. The crude incidence rate in Zhejiang cancer registration areas was 271.5/105 during 2000to 2009 (male 305.41/105, female 236.58/105), age-standardized incidence rates by Chinese standard population(ASIRC) and by world standard population (ASIRW) were 147.1/105 and 188.2/105, the cumulative incidence rate(aged from 0 to 74) being 21.7%. The crude incidence rate was 209.6/105 in 2000, and it increased to 320.20/105in 2009 (52.8%), with an annual percent change (APC) of 4.51% (95% confidence interval, 3.25%-5.79%).Age-specific incidence rate of 80-84 age group was achieved at the highest point of the incidence curve. Overallwith different age groups, the cancer incidences differed, the incidence of liver cancer being highest in 15-44age group in males; the incidence of breast cancer was the highest in 15-64 age group in females; the incidencesof lung cancer were the highest in both males and females over the age of 65 years.
Conclusions: Lung cancer,digestive system malignancies and breast cancer are the most common cancers in Zhejiang province in Chinarequiring an especial focus. The incidences of thyroid cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer and lymphomahave increased rapidly. Prevention and control measures should be implemented for these cancers.