Impact of Poster Presentations on Academic Knowledge Transfer from the Oncologist Perspective in Turkey


Background: Currently poster presentations offer a common visual medium for knowledge transfer by a widerange of health professionals. Our study aimed to determine the scientific importance of poster presentations forMedical and Radiation Oncologists.
Methods: A survey form including 40 questions was distributed to a totalof 131 oncologists experienced in poster presentations. One hundred completed survey forms were includedin the study. Descriptive statistics and modified thematic analyses were performed on the responses.
Results:Overall 64% of the participants agreed that posters were a good medium for knowledge transfer. Some 88%agreed that concise and clear styled presentations would increase appealing interests for poster contents. Visualappearance was cited more influential than content of the subject; 70% of participants agreed that appearancesof posters could help to draw more viewer attention. Of respondents, 63% believed that posters accompaniedby their author were more attractive for congress attendees, and 33% of them declared that the halo effect ofthe poster presenter was also important.
Conclusion: The present study indicated that intelligibility, appearanceand visuality of posters are most important factors from the aspect of oncologist participants. Presenters musttake into account these important points when preparing their academic posters.