Research Progress in Applying Proteomics Technology to Explore Early Diagnosis Biomarkers of Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer and Ovarian Cancer


According to the China tumor registry 2013 annual report , breast cancer, lung cancer, and ovarian cancer arethree common cancers in China nowadays, with high mortality due to the absence of early diagnosis technology.However, proteomics has been widespreadly implanted into every field of life science and medicine as an importantpart of post-genomics era research. The development of theory and technology in proteomics has provided newideas and research fields for cancer research. Proteomics can be used not only for elucidating the mechanismsof carcinogenesis focussing on whole proteins of the tissue or cell, but also seeking the biomarkers for diagnosisand therapy of cancer. In this review, we introduce proteomics principles, covering current technology used inexploring early diagnosis biomarkers of breast cancer, lung cancer and ovarian cancer