Preliminary Research on the Expression, Purification and Function of the Apoptotic Fusion Protein, Sival


The objective of the present study was to investigate cloning, expression, and functions of the recombinantprotein, Siva1. Siva1 gene was synthesized by RT-PCR from HCT116 cells. Plasmids were cleaved with therestriction endonuclease, BamH1/Sal1 and products were connected to pQE30, which underwent cleavage byBamH1/Sal1. The recombinant plasmid, pQE30-Siva1, was identified after digestion with restriction endonucleasesfollowed by transformation into E. coli M15. Expression of Siva1 was induced by IPTG and identified by SDSPAGEfollowing purification with affinity chromatography. The results showed that size of Siva1 was 12 kDa,consistent with the molecular weight of the His-Siva1 fusion protein. Functional test demonstrated that Siva1significantly inhibited the invasion and migration of HCT116 cells. It may thus find clinical application forcontrol of cancers.