Polymorphism of p53 Gene Codon 72 in Endometrial Cancer: Correlation with Tumor Grade and Histological Type


Background: Endometrial cancer is the fourth most common cancer among women in developed countries.Patients with endometrial cancer may benefit from systemic chemotherapy alone or in combination with targetedtherapies if the disease is clinically diagnosed prior to spread and metastasis to other organs. The aim of thisstudy was to evaluate the prognostic role of p53 polymorphism and its correlation with tumor grade in humanuterine endometrial carcinomas. Materials and
Methods: A total of 75 patients with endometrial carcinomaswere studied for possible mutations in exon 4 of the p53 gene using polymerase chain reaction and restrictingfragment length polymorphism techniques and sequencing.
Results: In recent study, The rate of homozygotegenotype of pro/pro or Arg/Arg in high grade group was higher than in comparison with low grade one. Inaddition samples that were undigested in RFLP, showed mutation in exone 4.
Conclusions: Our findings showedthat high grade endometrial carcinomas are highly associated with TP53 polymorphisms in comparison withlow grades.