Age of Diagnosis of Breast Cancer in China: Almost 10 Years Earlier than in the United States and the European Union


Background: The study aimed to describe the age distribution of breast cancer diagnosis among Chinesefemales for comparison with the United States and the European Union, and provide evidence for the screeningtarget population in China. Materials and
Methods: Median age was estimated from hospital databases from 7tertiary hospitals in China. Population-based data in China, United States and European Union was extracted fromthe National Central Cancer Registry, SEER program and GLOBOCAN 2008, respectively. Age-standardizeddistribution of breast cancer at diagnosis in the 3 areas was estimated based on the World Standard Population2000.
Results: The median age of breast cancer at diagnosis was around 50 in China, nearly 10 years earlier thanUnited States and European Union. The diagnosis age in China did not vary between subgroups of calendaryear, region and pathological characteristics. With adjustment for population structure, median age of breastcancer at diagnosis was 50~54 in China, but 55~59 in United States and European Union.
Conclusions: Themedian diagnosis age of female breast cancer is much earlier in China than in the United States and the EuropeanUnion pointing to racial differences in genetics and lifestyle. Screening programs should start at an earlier agefor Chinese women and age disparities between Chinese and Western women warrant further studies.