Common Genetic Variations in the MUC5AC Gene are Not Related to Helicobacter pylori Serologic Status


Several lines of evidence suggest that MUC5AC genetic polymorphisms might confer susceptibility to H. pyloriinfection and therefore gastric cancer risk. We here assessed the association of common polymorphisms in theMUC5AC gene with H. pylori seroprevalence using an LD-based tagSNP approach in a north-western ChineseHan population. A total of 12 tagSNPs were successfully genotyped among 281 unrelated ethnic Han Chinese whohad no cancer history, and no identifiable gastric disease or genetic disease. No significant association betweenany alleles, genotypes or haplotypes and H. pylori seroprevalence was observed. Our results suggest that commongenetic variations in MUC5AC gene might not make a major contribution to the risk of H. pylori infection.