Incidence and Predictors of Inadequate Bowel Preparation before Elective Colonoscopy in Thai Patients


Background: The incidence of inadequate bowel preparation before elective colonoscopy in this region hasnever been studied. Materials and
Methods: The authors prospectively described the incidence and factors relatedto inadequate bowel preparation in Thammasat university hospital. Bowel preparation quality was accessedby using Aronchick scale. Factors associated with inadequate bowel preparation were also recorded.
Results:Two hundred patients undergoing elective outpatient colonoscopy were enrolled. Inadequate and fair bowelpreparation was documented in 9 and 43%, respectively. Factors associated with inadequate bowel preparationwere incomplete cleansing agent ingestion (odds ratio 7.7; 95%CI 1.62-36.64) and patient’s unrecognizationof vegetable avoidance (odds ratio 3.26; 95%CI 1.14-9.28).
Conclusions: Compared with previous reported,inadequate bowel preparation was seen less in our study, however, more patients with fair bowel preparationwas documented. Further study aiming at investigating the type and amount of fiber contained in diet beforeelective colonoscopy should be commenced.