Roundtable Discussion at the UICC World Cancer Congress: Looking Toward the Realization of Universal Health Coverage for Cancer in Asia


The Japan National Committee for the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and UICC-AsiaRegional Office (ARO) organized a Roundtable Discussion as part of the official program of the UICC WorldCancer Congress 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. The theme for the Roundtable Discussion was “Looking Towardthe Realization of Universal Health Care ‘UHC’ for Cancer in Asia” and it was held on December 5, 2014. Themeeting was held based on the recognition that although each country may take a different path towards therealization of UHC, one point that is common to all is that cancer is projected to be the most difficult disease toaddress under the goals of UHC and that there is, therefore, an urgent and pressing need to come to a commonunderstanding and awareness with regard to UHC concepts that are a priority component of a post-MDGdevelopment agenda. The presenters and participants addressed the issue of UHC for cancer in Asia from theirvarious perspectives in academia and international organizations. Discussions covered the challenges to UHCin Asia, collaborative approaches by international organizations, the need for uniform and relevant data, waysto create an Asia Cancer Barometer that could be applied to all countries in Asia. The session concluded withthe recognition that research on UHC in Asia should continue to be used as a tool for cancer cooperation in Asiaand that the achievement of UHC would require research and input not only from the medical community, butfrom a broad sector of society in a multidisciplinary approach. Discussions on this issue will continue towardsthe Asia-Pacific Cancer Conference in Indonesia in August 2015.