Prevalence of Dokha Use among Secondary School Students in Ajman, United Arab Emirates


Background: Dokha is a novel form of smoking in United Arab Emirates (UAE) on which there is verylittle published literature, especially among adolescents, and this form of smoking has been not been addressedadequately in the smoking cessation strategies in the UAE.
Objectives: To assess the prevalence of dokha smokingamong male secondary school students in Ajman UAE. Materials and
Methods: A cross sectional survey wasconducted among male secondary school students in Ajman, UAE. A total of 560 participants filled in selfadministeredquestionnaires.
Results: The prevalence of ever smokers was 39%; ever dokha smokers was 36%and current dokha smokers was 24%. The prevalence is very high when compared to other forms of smokingin the region and globally. Prevalence increased with increasing age and grade of students, prevalence of eversmokers, ever dokha smokers and current dokha smokers was lower in students in the science stream. 40% ofthe smokers used dokha, cigarettes and shisha, 30% used dokha and cigarettes, and 21% used dokha alone.30% of the students smoked dokha on all days of the month.
Conclusions: The prevalence of ever smokers, everdokha smokers and current dokha smokers is very high. There is an urgent need for specific health promotionprograms tailored to this age group on prevention of dokha smoking and policies restricting the availability ofdokha to this age group.