Clinical Investigation in Effect of Riboflavin Sodium Phosphate on Prevention and Treatment for Patients with Radiotherapy Related Esophagitis


Objective: To investigate the clinical effect of riboflavin sodium phosphate on prevention of radiotherapyrelated esophagitis (RRE).
Methods: This retrospective study involved 55 patients with middle and advancedesophageal cancer who were divided into an experimental group of 28 and a control group of 27 patients. Those inthe experimental group were treated with riboflavin sodium phosphate combined with conventional symptomatictreatment during radiotherapy; while patients in control group received the latter alone. The incidence anddegree of RRE were compared after radiotherapy.
Results: The incidences of RRE in experimental and controlgroup were 53.5% and 81.4%, respectively (p<0.05); the incidence of stages III and IV RRE in the experimentalgroup was 17.8%, while in the control group it was 44.4% (p<0.05).
Conclusion: Riboflavin sodium phosphatecould significantly prevent RRE and reduce the incidence of stage III and IV disease. These results were worthyof further confirmation by randomized controlled trials.