Relationships Between C-Kit Expression and Mean Platelet Volume in Benign, Preneoplastic and Neoplastic Endometrium


Background: c-Kit is a proto-oncogene that encodes a tyrosine kinase receptor (CD117). Mean platelet volume(MPV) is a useful marker for demonstrating thrombocyte function. We aimed to investigate whether c-kit isexpressed in benign, preneoplastic and neoplastic endometrial tissues and whether MPV has a relation with c-kitexpression and its intensity. Materials and
Methods: c-Kit expression was investigated immunohistochemicallyin 10 samples of normal endometrium (n=10), simple endometrial hyperplasia (5 cases with atypia and 10cases without atypia), complex endometrial hyperplasia (10 cases with atypia and 10 cases without atypia) andendometrial cancer (EC) (10 cases grade I and 10 cases grade II) and MPV of all cases was checked.
Results:c-Kit expression was observed at very low rates in cases with normal endometrial tissues (NE) and in hyperplasiawithout atypia. c-Kit expression and immunostaining were strong in endometrial atypia and EC. MPV levelsof complex atypical endometrial hyperplasia (CAEH) (p:0.002), EC grade I (ECG I) (p<0.001) and EC gradeII (ECG II) (p<0.001) were significantly elevated when compared with the NE group. Both c-kit expression andintensity of immunostaining had a positive correlation with MPV level.
Conclusions: While c-kit expressionand intensity of immunostaining were mildly positive in NE and hyperplasia without atypia, they were clearlyobserved in EC and hyperplasia with atypia. As c-kit expression is related to the mutagenesis a long-term followupmay be needed in these cases. A high MPV level may be a good test for demonstrating c-kit expression andintensity of immunostaining.