Anti-mutagenic Activity of Salvia merjamie Extract Against Gemcitabine


Gemcitabine is an anti-cancer drug with clinically uses in the treatment of various neoplasms, includingbreast, ovarian, non-small cell lung, pancreaticand cervical cancers, T-cell malignancies, germ cell tumours, andhepatocellular carcinomas. However, it has also been reported to have many adverse effects. Naturally occurringanti-mutagenic effects, especially those of plant origin, have recently become a subject of intensive research.The present study was therefore designed to investigate the anti-mutagenic effects of Salvia merjamie (Family:Lamiaceae) plant extracts against the mutagenic effects of gemcitabine. The anti-mutagenic properties of Salviamerjamie were tested in Inbred SWR/J male and female mice bone marrow cells. The mice were treated in fourgroups; a control group treated with 30 mg/kg body weight gemcitabine and three treatment groups, each with 30mg/kg body weight gemcitabine together with, respectively, 50, 100 and 150 mg/kg body weight Salvia merjamieextract. Chromosomal aberration and mitotic index assays were performed with the results demonstrating thatSalvia merjamie extract protects bone marrow cells in mice against gemcitabine induced mutagenicity. Thisinformation can be used for the development of a potential therapeutic anti-mutagenic agents.