Clinical Observation of Three Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy with Tamoxifen in Treatment of Postoperative Malignant Glioma


Objective: To evaluate the efficacy and adverse effects of three dimensional conformal radiotherapy (3D-CRT)with tamoxifen in treating patients with postoperative malignant glioma. Patients and
Methods: 60 patients ofpostoperative malignant glioma were randomly assigned into two groups, 30 patients were treated with 3D-CRTplus tamoxifen (treatment group), and the other 30 patients with 3D-CRT plus temozolomide (control group).All patients were radiated by 6MV X-ray, 2.0Gy per fraction, once daily, with a total dose (DT) of 56~60Gy.Tamoxifen was delivered at 60mg /m2/d, temozolomide was given at 75mg/m2/d. All patients were treated withconcurrent radiotherapy.
Results: One, 2, 3 year survival rates of treatment and control group were 63.3%,30.0%, 23.0% and 70.0%, 33.3%, 26.7%, respectively (χ2=0.01, 0.23, 0.09, P>0.05). The rate of thromboembolismin treatment group was 6.7%.
Conclusion: Therapeutic efficacy of two groups was similar, but it was more costeffectivein treatment group, and toxicity did not increase.