Evaluation of Hemoglobin A1c Levels in Endometrial Cancer Patients: a Retrospective Study in Turkey


Background: Hemoglobin A1c(HgA1c) is a marker of poor gylcemic control and elevation HgA1c is associatedwith increased risk of many cancers. We aimed to determine the HgA1c levels in endometrial cancer cases and anyrelationship with stage and grade of disease. Materials and
Methods: A retrospective data review was performedbetween June 2011 and October 2012 at a tertiary referral center in Turkey. The study included 35 surgicallystaged endometrial cancer patients and 40 healthy controls. Preoperative HgA1c levels drawn within 3 monthsbefore surgery were compared. Also the relationships between HgA1c levels and stage, grade and hystologictype of cancer cases were evaluated.
Results: The mean HgA1c levels were statistically significantly higher at6.19±1.44 in endometrial cancer cases than the 5.61±0.58 in controls (p=0.027). With endometrial cancer cases,the mean HgA1c level was found to be 6.62±1.40 for stage I and 6.88±1.15 for stages II-IV (p=0.07). The figureswere 6.74±1.65 for endometrioid and 6.63±1.41 for non-endometrioid type tumors (p=0.56). Mean HgA1c levelsof 6.72±1.14 for grade 1 and 6.62±1.42 for grade 2-3 were observed (p=0.57).
Conclusions: HgA1c levels inendometrial cancer patients were statistically higher than healthy controls. However, HgA1c did not show anysignificant correlation with stage, grade and histologic type in endometrial cancer cases.