Coevolution between Human’s Anticancer Activities and Functional Foods from Crop Origin Center in the World


Cancer is the leading cause of death around the world. Anticancer activities from many functional foodsources have been reported in years, but correlation between cancer prevalence and types of food with anticanceractivities from crop origin center in the world as well as food source with human migration are unclear. Hungerfrom food shortage is the cause of early human evolution from Africa to Asia and later into Eurasia. The richestfunctional foods are found in crop origin centers, housing about 70% in the world populations. Crop origincenters have lower cancer incidence and mortality in the world, especially Central Asia, Middle East, SouthwestChina, India and Ethiopia. Asia and Africa with the richest anticancer crops is not only the most importantevolution base of humans and origin center of anticancer functional crop, but also is the lowest mortality andincidence of cancers in the world. Cancer prevention of early human migrations was associated with functionalfoods from crop origin centers, especially Asia with four centers and one subcenter of crop origin, accountingfor 58% of the world population. These results reveal that coevolution between human’s anticancer activitiesassociated with functional foods for crop origin centers, especially in Asia and Africa.