ZNF217 is Overexpressed and Enhances Cell Migration and Invasion in Colorectal Carcinoma


Background: To investigate the expression and clinical significance of zinc finger protein 217 (ZNF217)in human colorectal carcinoma (CRC). Materials and
Methods: The expression of ZNF217 in 60 CRCtissues and matched tumor adjacent tissues, collected between January 2013 and June 2014, was assessedimmunohistochemically. The relationship between the expression of ZNF217 and clinicopathlogical features wasanalyzed by Pearson chi-square test. In addition, siRNA was used to down-regulate the expression of ZNF217 inCRC cells. The effects of ZNF217 for cell migration and invasion were measured by wound healing assay andtranswell assay, respectively.
Results: The expression level of ZNF217 was significantly higher in CRC tissuesthan in tumor adjacent tissues (p<0.05), positively correlating with tumor size, lymphatic metastasis and advancedTNM stage (p<0.05). Down-regulation of ZNF217 in CRC cells could significantly suppress cell migration andinvasion.
Conclusions: ZNF217 is overexpressed in colorectal carcinoma tissues and is associated with tumormalignant clinicopathological features. ZNF217 may promote CRC progression by inducing cell migration andinvasion.