Dendrosomal Curcumin Inhibits Metastatic Potential of Human SW480 Colon Cancer Cells through Down-regulation of Claudin1, Zeb1 and Hef1-1 Gene Expression


Colon cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-associated death worldwide. The prognosis for advancedcolorectal cancers remains dismal, mainly due to the propensity for metastatic progression. Accordingly, thereis a need for effective anti-metastasis therapeutic agents. Since a great body of research has indicated anticancereffects for curcumin, we investigated the effects of dendrosomal curcumin (DNC) on cellular migration andadhesion of human SW480 cells and possible molecular mechanisms involved. Different methods were appliedin this study including MTT, Scratch and adhesion assays as well as real-time PCR and transwell chamberassays. Based on the results obtained, DNC inhibits metastasis by decreasing Hef 1, Zeb 1 and Claudin 1 mRNAlevels and can reduce SW480 cell proliferation with IC50values of 15.9, 11.6 and 7.64 μM at 24, 48 and 72h posttreatment.Thus it might be considered as a safe formulation for therapeutic purpose in colorectal cancer cases.