Analysis on Early Detection of Lung Cancer by PET/CT Scan


Background: This systemic analysis was conducted to to evaluate the application value of positron emissiontomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) in early diagnosis of lung cancer.
Methods: Clinical studiesevaluating the application value of PET/CT for patients underwent PET/CT imaging. The histological diagnosisserved as the standard of truth.
Results: Four clinical studies which including 1330 patients with pulmonary spaceoccupyinglesions were considered eligible for inclusion. Systemic analysis suggested that, in all 1330 patients,pooled sensitivity was 98.7% (1313.2/1330) and specificity was 58.2%(276.85/476).
Conclusion: This systemicanalysis suggests that integrated PET/CT imaging provides high sensitivity, and reasonably high specificity, andcould be applied for early diagnosis of lung cancer.