Study on the Correlation between Extracellular Matrix Protein-1 and the Growth, Metastasis and Angiogenesis of Laryngeal Carcinoma


Objective: To investigate the correlation between extracellular matrix protein-1 (ECM1) and the growth,metastasis and angiogenesis of laryngeal carcinoma. Materials and
Methods: Forty-five samples with laryngealbenign and malignant tumors confirmed by pathology in Laiwu City People’s Hospital from March 2006 toMarch 2011 were collected, in which there were 29 cases with laryngeal carcinoma and 16 with benign tumors.The expression of ECM1 and factor Ⅷ-related antigens in patients with laryngeal carcinoma and those withbenign tumors was respectively detected using immunohistochemical method, and the correlation between ECM1staining grade and microvessel density (MVD) was analyzed.
Results: In laryngeal carcinoma tissue, ECM1was mainly expressed in cytoplasm, less in cytomembrane or intercellular substance. With abundant expressionin the tissue of laryngeal benign tumors (benign mesenchymoma and hemangioma), ECM1 was primarilyexpressed in the connective tissue, which was different from the expression in laryngeal carcinoma tissue. Theproportion of positive ECM1 staining (++) in patients with laryngeal carcinoma was dramatically higher thanthose with benign tumors (p<0.05), and that of strongly-positive ECM1 staining (+++) slightly higher. The resultsof Spearman nonparametric correlation analysis revealed that ECM1 staining grade in laryngeal carcinomatissue had a significantly-positive correlation with MVD (r=0.866, p=0.000).
Conclusions: ECM1 expression inlaryngeal carcinoma is closely associated with tumor cell growth, metastasis and angiogenesis, which can beconsidered as an effective predictor in the occurrence and postoperative recurrence of laryngeal carcinoma.