IL-35 Over-expression is Associated with Genesis of Gastric Cancer


Overexpression of interleukin (IL)-35 has been found in a variety of malignancies, but the expression statusin gastric cancer has yet to be elucidated clearly. In the present study, positive expression of EBI3 and p35 was63.3% and 70.0% of cases, respectively. EBI3 expression was strongly related with larger tumor size and invasiondepth (P <0.05). Similarly, expression of p35 was also correlated with larger tumor size (P <0.05). These resultsindicate that IL-35 might be involved in growth of gastric cancer. Interestingly, EBI3 and p35 expressions werepositive correlated with Ki-67 expression. Moreover, EBI3 immunoreactivity was associated with Bcl-2 staining.Our data suggest IL-35 is correlated with genesis of gastric cancer by regulating growth and apoptosis.