Types of Cancers Prevailing in Pakistan and their Management Evaluation


Cancer is basically a class of disorder marked by uncontrolled proliferation of cells which have the potentialto interfere with different systems of body like digestive, central nervous and circulatory systems by releasinghormones. Tumors that reside only in a specified location and show restricted growth are commonly characterizedas benign tumors. When tumor cells grow and effectively spread to other body parts and potentially invade anddamage healthy tissues they show various degrees of malignancy. Cancer may be caused by different factors likegene mutations, carcinogens and some medical factors that harm the immune system of the body. Symptomsof cancer are relatively varied and classified according to location, progression pattern and size of tumors aswell. Different diagnostic tests are used for evaluation that depends on the type of cancer. Cancer managementand chemo protocols also depend on the progression and site where it develops. Cancers like breast, lung, liver,colorectal, prostate, head and neck carcinoma are most commonly diagnosed in Pakistan. This review brieflydescribes the three most common cancers prevailing in Pakistan and their management evaluation.