MDM2 (RS769412) G>A Polymorphism in Cigarette Smokers: a Clue for the Susceptibility to Smoking and Lung Cancer Risk


Cigarette smoke contains oxidants and free radicals which are carcinogens that can induce mutations inhumans. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are the most frequent genetic alterations found in the humangenome. In the present study, we have examined the ability of the murine double minute 2 (Mdm2) (rs769412)A>G polymorphism in cigarette smokers to predict risk of cancers. Our results showed that of smokers, 87% werefound with AA genotype, 10% with heterozygous AG genotype, and 3% with GG genotype. The heterozygous AGgenotype was observed in a lower percentage of smokers (10%) as compared to non-smokers (18%), whereas,homozygous AA genotype was observed in lower percentage of non-smokers (81%) as compared to the smokers(87%). The results from present study support the association with an allele and AG genotype in non-smokers.However, further studies are required to establish the role of Mdm2 (rs769412) C>T in cigarettes smokers anddiseases.