Breast Cancer Inpatients Undergoing Mastectomy from a Hospital in Guangzhou, China: A Retrospective Analysis 2004-2013


Background: To explore the hospitalizations of breast cancer patients undergoing mastectomy, and toprovide a basis for management, clinical prevention and treatment. Materials and
Methods: We conductedan investigation by means of the retrospective survey and the medical records retrieval system, and made outthe data of patients suffered from breast cancer in a hospital in Guangzhou from 2004 to 2013, including age,medical payment methods, pathological type, treatment, treatment results, complications, hospitalization days,cost and so on.
Results: The average age of the inpatients was 50.14 years old. The main histologic types wereinfiltrating duct carcinoma (88.06%). The main surgery was modified radical mastectomy (80.41%). The curerate was 90.80% during the 10 years. The main medical payment method was self-paying (57.28%). The averagehospital stay was 13.51 days, and average hospitalization cost was RMB 23,083.66 yuan, proportion of drug feesup to 39.70%. Postoperative complication rate was 0.79%. The self-paying group was with the highest proportionof drug fees (P<0.05), while the free medical service group was with the longest hospitalization days (P<0.05).
Conclusions: The payment methods significantly affected the proportion of drug fees and hospitalization days.The therapeutic effect was satisfactory with less complications and reasonable proportion of drug fees in ourhospital.