Radical Oncological Surgery and Adjuvan Therapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients over 70 years of Age


Background: The incidence of lung cancer increases with age. Approximately 50% of non-small cell lung cancer(NSCLC) patients are over 70 years old. Because of the increasing elderly population, treatment approaches inthis age group continue to be studied similar to groups of young people. Materials and
Methods: In the currentstudy, 26 patients who underwent radical surgery and adjuvan chemoradiation at Ataturk Chest Diseases andChest Surgery Training and Research Hospital were evaluated retrospectively.
Results: Of 21 patients (81%)were male and the average age was 74.4. Lobectomy was performed in 18 cases, pneumonectomy in 3, sleevelobectomy in 3 and bilobectomy in 2. There was no perioperative or early period mortality. Overall survival was24.5 months.
Conclusions: From our study, lung cancer surgery and adjuvant therapy can be performed safelywith low morbidity in the elderly.