Epidemiology of Prostate Cancer


Prostate cancer is the most common malignancy among males worldwide, and is the second leading causeof cancer death among men in United States. According to GLOBOCAN (2012), an estimated 1.1 million newcases and 307,000 deaths were reported in 2012. The reasons for the increase of this disease are not known, butincreasing life expectancy and modified diagnostic techniques have been suggested as causes. The establishedrisk factors for this disease are advancing age, race, positive family history of prostate cancer and western diet(use of fat items). Several other risk factors, such as obesity, physical activity, sexual activity, smoking andoccupation have been also associated with prostate cancer risk, but their roles in prostate cancer etiology remainuncertain. This mini-review aims to provide risk factors, disease knowledge, prevalence and awareness aboutprostate cancer.