Prevention and Early Detection of Occupational Cancers - a View of Information Technology Solutions


Thousands of people die each year from cancer due to occupational causes. To reduce cancer in workers,preventive strategies should be used in the high-risk workplace. The effective prevention of occupational cancerrequires knowledge of carcinogen agents. Like other areas of healthcare industry, occupational health has beenaffected by information technology solutions to improve prevention, early detection, treatment and finally theefficiency and cost effectiveness of the healthcare system. Information technology solutions are thus an importantissue in the healthcare field. Information about occupational cancer in information systems is important forpolicy makers, managers, physicians, patients and researchers; because examples that include high quality dataabout occupational cancer patients and occupational cancer causes are able to determine the worker groupswhich require special attention. As a result exposed workers who are vulnerable can undergo screening and beconsidered for preventive interventions.