Epidemiology and Trends in Incidence of Kidney Cancer in Iran


Background: Kidney cancer has shown an increasing trend in recent decades. This study aimed to determinechange in the incidence rate between 2003 and 2009 in Iran. Materials and
Methods: In this study, national cancerregistry data were used. Crude incidence rates were calculated per 100,000 and age-standardized incidence rates(ASRs) were computed using the direct standardization method and the world standard population. Significanttrend of incidence rates was examined by the Cochran-Armitage test for linear trend.
Results: A total of 6,944cases of kidney cancer were reported. The incidence cases increased from 595 patients in 2003 to 1,387 patientsin 2009. Sex ratio (male to female) was 1.67. ASR also increased from 1.18 in 2003 to 2.52 in 2009 per 100,000,but the increasing trend was not significant.
Conclusions: A slow increasing trend of incidence rate was observedin the study population. This may be due to an increase of risk factors. It is suggested to perform a study on riskfactors for the cancer.