Correlation between Microvascular Density and Matrix Metalloproteinase 11 Expression in Prostate Cancer Tissues: a Preliminary Study in Thailand


Background: Prostate cancer is a major concern of public health. Microvascular density (MVD) is one of theprognostic markers for various solid cancers. Matrix metalloproteinase 11 (MMP11) plays an important role inangiogenesis and changes in its expression level are known to be associated with tumor progression and clinicaloutcome. Aim: To investigate the relationship between MVD and MMP11 expression in prostatic adenocarcinomatissues. Materials and
Methods: The expression levels of MMP11 and MVD were analyzed immunohistochemicallyfor 50 specimens of prostatic adenocarcinoma.
Results: MMP11 was mainly expressed in stromal cells but rarelyseen in epithelial cells. Mean MVD was 36/mm2, and it was correlated significantly only with bone metastases.MVD was also significantly correlated with MMP11 expression (r=0.29, p=0.044).
Conclusions: MMP11 mayalter the stromal microenvironment of prostate cancer to stimulate tumor angiogenesis.