Viewpoints of Family Caregivers about Posttraumatic Growth in Cancer Patients


Background: There is little information about the objectivity of posttraumatic growth experienced by cancer patients. So, the aim of present study was to investigate the viewpoints of family caregivers regarding posttraumatic growth in cancer patients. Materials and
Methods: This descriptive study was conducted in one referral medical center in East Azerbaijan Province in northwest of Iran. 120 primary family caregivers of cancer patients participated with a convenience sampling method. The Posttraumatic Growth Inventory (PTGI) and Perception about Prognosis Scale (PPS) were applied for data collection with analysis performed using SPSS statistical software.
Results: Family caregivers believed that their patients had a good prognosis (score 3.95 from 5). The total score of PTGI was 60.7 (SD=18.8) that indicates a moderate level of growth as reported by family caregivers.
Conclusions: Family caregivers of cancer patients have incorrect viewpoints about the prognosis of their patients and reported moderate levels of growth. These findings showed that posttraumatic growth among cancer patients is an objective phenomenon.