Effects of Millimetric Shifts in Breast Cancer Radiotherapy on the Radiation Dose Distribution


Radiation Oncology,Hatay Public Hospital, Hatay, Turkey


Background: This study aimed to facilitate decision-making in cases of breast cancer radiotherapy shifts by simulating millimetric shifts and analyzing their effects on dose distribution. Methods: The study included 30 patients with left side breast cancer who were treated with three dimensional conformal radiotherapy (3D-CRT) in the Radiation Oncology Department in Hatay Public Hospital, between January 2013 and April 2015. A treatment plan shifting at three axes with six different measures was simulated. Results: The biggest difference in values was (3mm shift) 476cGy, with a 7.7 % change for heart and 25.6% for spinal cord. The shifts in values respectively for CTV min, mean, max were -4.8%, 2.5%, 4%. The differences for lymphatic min, mean, max were 21.3%, 20.3%, -12.2%. Conclusion: The most important thing is not the treatment plan quality, but its practicality. The treatment plan must be practical and its practice must be controlled rigidly.