Prevalent Signs and Symptoms in Patients with Skin Cancer and Nursing Diagnoses


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Background: Skin cancer has a remarkable importance given the high incidence in the population. In Brazil, it is estimated that there were 98,420 new cases of nonmelanoma skin cancer among men and 83,710 new cases among women in 2014. Objectives: To verify signs and symptoms present in patients with skin neoplasms according to the literature and relate them to the nursing diagnoses of NANDA International. Materials and Methods: Integrative literature review carried out from March to May 2015 in the databases: Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature, SCOPUS, National Library of Medicine and Nattional Institutes of Health, Latin American and Caribbean Sciences of Health and Web of Science. The descriptors used were: Signs and Symptoms and Skin Neoplasms. Sixteen articles were identified as the final sample. After review, the signs and symptoms of skin cancer identified in the literature were related to the defining characteristics present in NANDA International, with the aim to trace possible nursing diagnoses. Results: The most prevalent signs and symptoms were: asymmetric and well circumscribed nodules with irregular borders; speckles with modified color aspect; ulcerations; blisters; pain; itching; and bleeding. The principal nursing diagnoses outlined were: risk for impaired skin integrity; impaired skin integrity; acute pain; risk of shock; and impaired comfort. Conclusions: The identification of signs and symptoms present in patients with skin cancer and the relationships of these with the nursing diagnoses of NANDA International provide a basis for qualified and systematized nursing care to this clientele.