Breast Cancer Risk Based on the Gail Model and its Predictors in Iranian Women


Midwifery Department, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran


Background This study was carried out to examine breast cancer risk and its fertility predictors in women aged 35. Materials and Methods This cross-sectional study was conducted on 560 healthy women referred to health centers of Tabriz-Iran, 2013-2014. Five-year and lifetime risk of developing breast cancer were determined using the Gail model. General linear modeling was applied to determine breast cancer predictors. Results The mean age of the subjects was 42.7 (SD 7.7) years. Mean 5-year and lifetime risks of developing breast cancer were determined to be 0.6% (SD 0.2%) and 8.9% (SD 2.5%), respectively. Variables of family history of breast cancer, age, age at menarche, parity, age at rst childbirth, breastfeeding history, frequency of breastfeeding, method of contraception, marital status and education were all found to be predictors of breast cancer risk. Conclusions According to the results of this study, screening programs based on the Gail model should be implemented for Iranian people who have a high risk for breast cancer in order to facilitate early detection and better plan for possible malignancies.