Assessing Breast Cancer Risk among Iranian Women Using the Gail Model


Department of Health Education and Promotion, School of Health, Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Zanjan, Iran


Background Breast cancer risk assessment is a helpful method for estimating development of breast cancer at the population level. Materials and Methods: In this cross-sectional study, participants consisted of a group of 3,847 volunteers (mean SD age 463 7.59 years) in a convenience sample of women referred to health centers af liated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Tehran, Iran. The risk of breast cancer was estimated by applying the National Cancer Institute's online version of the Gail Risk Assessment Tool. Results Some 24.9% of women reported having one rst-degree female relative with breast cancer, with 8.05% of them having two or more rst-degree relatives with breast cancer. The mean ve-year risk of breast cancer for all participants was 1.610.73%, and 9.36% of them had a ve-year risk of breast cancer >1.66%. The mean lifetime risk of breast cancer was 11.73.91%. Conclusions The Gail model is useful for assessing probability of breast cancer in Iranian women. Based on the their breast cancer risk, women may decide to accept further screening services.