Glutathione S-transferase T1, M1 and P1 Genetic Polymorphisms and Susceptibility to Colorectal Cancer in Turkey


Uludag University, School of Medicine, Department of Medical Genetics, Bursa, Turkey


Colorectal cancer (CRC) is reproted to be the third most common cancer worldwide and the fourth most common cause of cancer related deaths. CRC is considered to be a multifactorial disease whose risk varies due to the complex interaction between individual genetic basis and disposure to multiple endogenous factors. Glutathione S-transferases are pro-carcinogenic in CRC and are required for the conjugation between chemotherapeutics and broad spectrum xenobiotics. One hundred and eleven patients with CRC and 128 control subjects without any cancer history were enrolled in this study. Multiplex PCR was applied to determine polymorphisms for the GSTT1 and M1 genes, and PCR-RFLP was applied for the GSTP1 (Ile105Val) gene polymorphism. Values