Evaluation of Methylobacterium radiotolerance and Sphyngomonas yanoikoaie in Sentinel Lymph Nodes of Breast Cancer Cases


Department of Microbiology, Pishva Islamic Azad Uinversity, Tehran, Iran E-mail: movafagh.a@sbmu.ac.ir


It has been established that different kinds of bacteria agents are involved in various cancers. Although the mechanism of tumorigenesis is not clearly understood, there is evidence for the presence of bacteria within tumors, with at least a progression effect for some bacteria that prepare suitable microenvironments for tumor cell growth. The aim of current study was to evaluate bacterial dysbiosis in sentinel lymph nodes of breast cancer patients. One hundred and twenty three fresh-frozen sentinel lymph nodes and a corresponding number of normal adjacent breast tissue specimens and five normal mastectomy samples were investigated employing RT-PCR. In addition using genus-specific primers were applied. There was a significant differences as presence of Methylobacterium radiotolerance DNA recorded between patients and normal control group (p= 0.0). Based on our research work, further studies into the role of microbes in breast cancer would be of great interest.