Component Analysis of Laryngeal Cancer Incidence Dynamics in Kazakhstan from 1999 to 2014


Central Asian Cancer Institute, Astana, Kazakhstan


Background: In this study, we examined epidemiological aspects of dynamic changes in incidences of laryngeal cancer in male and female populations in Kazakhstan. Materials and Methods: Primary data were for registered patients with malignant laryngeal tumors in the whole country during the period of 1999-2014. Evaluation of changes in laryngeal cancer incidence in the population of Kazakhstan was performed using component analysis. Results: It was determined that the number of patients with laryngeal cancer in the whole country is decreasing although with conflicting impacts of different factors. Despite population growth (all - P=66.1%, men - P=70.9% and women - P=46.4%), and aging (all - A=45.1%, men -A=54.3 and women - A=22.2), the reduction in risk of developing the disease (all - R=-165.6%, men - R=-170.9% and women - R=-141.0%) was overwhelming. Conclusions: This investigation was the first epidemiological study of dynamics of laryngeal cancer by component analysis in the population of Kazakhstan. Implementation of the results of the study is recommended in management of anti-cancer activities for laryngeal cancer.