Evaluation of JC and Cytomegalo Viruses in Glioblastoma Tissue

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1 Research Center for Tropical and Infectious Disease,Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran,Kerman University of Medical Sciences,Kerman,Iran

2 Kerman university of medical sciences Department of medical virology .kerman iran

3 Pathology and Stem Cell Research Center ,Kerman University of Medical Sciences , Kerman,IRAN


Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most aggressive of the gliomas, a collection of tumors arising from glia in the central nervous system. Possible associations between the human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) and the JC virus with GBM are now attracting interest. Our present aim was to investigate the prevalence of the two viruses in Iranian patients from Kerman’s cities in the south of Iran. In addition, the expression rates of pp65, large T antigen and p53 proteins were assessed and their relation with GBM evaluated using reverse transcription real time PCR (rReal Time PCR) . A total of 199 patients with GBM cancer were enrolled, with mean±SD ages of 50.0±19.5 and 50.7±19.6 years for males and females, respectively. The P53 rate was dramatically low suggesting an aetiological role,. Large T antigen expression was found in JC positive samples, while the PP65 antigen was observed in patients positive for CMV and JC . HCMV products and JC virus with oncogenic potential may induce the development of various tumors including glioblastomas. The JC virus produces an early gene product, T-antigen, which has the ability to associate with and functionally inactivate well-studied tumor suppressor proteins including p53 and pRB .