Histopathologic Evolution of Urothelial Carcinoma Recurrence in Transurethral Resection of the Urinary Bladder:35 Consecutive Cases And Literature Review

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Department of Pathology, Antakya State Hospital, Hatay, Turkey.


Background: Urothelial carcinoma (UC) is the malignancy most frequently encountered in the urinary bladder.The primary aim of this study was to make a reappraisal of histopathologic features, recurrence and progression. Materials and Methods: The records of cases consecutively diagnosed with UC in the state hospital pathology laboratory were collected. Cases were classified according to age, gender, histologic grade, pathologic staging [primary Tumor (pT)] ,tumor configuration, primary or recurrent status, and progression. Results: A total of 35 (29 male and 6 female) cases were examined. The mean age was 68.9 years with a male-to-female incidence ratio of 4.8:1. Low-grade UCs accounted for 20 (57.1%) and high-grade for 15 (42.9%). A papillary pattern was observed in 80% of the UCs, classified into the following pathological stages: 11 (31.4%) pTa, 22 (62.9%) pT1, and 2 (5.9%) pT2 cases. Eleven patients progressed to a higher stage (pT1 to pT2), and three cases from low to higher grade. We analyzed results for 26 (74.3%) cases aged 65 years or older. Conclusions: UCs have a great tendency for recurrence but potentially may be amenable to effective local or systemic treatments.


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